Colors Trending This Fall

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As the seasons change, so do the designs we choose to fill our homes with. Discover what colors are trending this fall and how you can incorporate them into your home!

  • Gray. Coined the favorite neutral, gray is an extremely popular option when it comes to home design. It’s available in a number of hues, each featuring its own unique undertone. From blue to red, yellow, purple, or green, each shade adds a unique sense of style to a space. Homeowners are changing their decor more frequently, making gray an ideal option for those transitioning their home decor. It serves as a great backdrop to a variety of other colors, which makes accessorizing or dressing a gray room up very simple. Gray is a color that plays nicely with oranges, pinks, lavenders, and greens, but it can really work with any color you like! Because of its versatility, gray can be used anywhere throughout your home. Whether it’s used on your walls, throughout a patterned throw, or floor textiles, gray is extremely on trend for fall. In the design world, we’re seeing gray used throughout wood products, lighting, accessories, and upholstery. It’s also a color that works wonders on bedspreads, window treatments, and accent rugs.
  • Blue. A color that has dominated the home design world for many years, blue comes in a variety of shades that allow it to cross from one trend to another. Whether it’s the coastal hues like brilliant cobalt or sophisticated shades like deep navy, blue can work wonders throughout your home. Incorporate pops of blue in a neutral space by designating a piece of furniture to serve as an accent. From a painted chest of drawers to an upholstered arm chair, you can work any shade of blue into any room in your home. If you’re not ready to take a bold leap, work blues into the accessories you dress your shelves or walls up with.
  • Black & White. Black and white never go out of style. This bold color combination has stood against the test of time, packing a “powerful interior design punch” according to Elle Décor. The striking contrast between the two colors keeps black and white a pair that’s consistently in style. Like gray, black and white make it easy to play around with colorful accessories and furnishings. Conversely, if you’re going for a minimalistic look, black and white work wonders on their own.

To incorporate the black and white trend into your home design, place black furnishings against stark white walls. Soften the area with fluffy white throw rugs, blankets, and pillows. Play with patterned black and white upholstery, window coverings, or lamp shades to keep the room feeling lively. If you want that pop of color, accessorize with an accent wall or colorful framed artwork.

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