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A hallway can work wonders in terms of setting the tone for the rest of your home decor. When a guest enters your home, a hallway can immediately make them feel welcomed and comfortable. It’s the first space you see after a long day at the office, stripping yourself of your jacket, shoes, and the dreadful pile of bills that always seems to arrive. This all happens in a space that we often neglect when it comes to design.
Fortunately, there are a few simple decorative measures you can take to spice up your hallways. Discover how to transform your hallway from a simple passage to an exciting portion of your home:

  • Brighten with color. The purpose of a hallway is to unite the rooms in a home. It’s best to use lighter, brighter shades of neutrals to make that connection. Cooler hues help a space to appear stretched and expanded, so they’re ideal for hallway design. Use pale neutrals on the walls, working in pops of color through accessories like picture frames, vases, and wall art. Choose neutrals that play well with the other colors in your home – for example, if the rooms connected by the hallway use cool shades, choose a cool neutral for the hallway.
  • Create a collect-all space. If you have children in school or a partner who can’t seem to grasp the concept of a mail bin, you know how quickly that table in your hallway can become cluttered. With ample storage, you can eliminate that buildup! If you’re working with a narrow hallway, invest in clever solutions, like full-sized furnishings that have hidden storage features, to stow away shoes, keys, and bags. Use space under stairs to build out storage cubbies or install a shelving unit to house everyday items.
  • Utilize your wall space. Never underestimate the ways in which you can use your walls for storage. Decorative hooks can do more than hold coats and backpacks – they add character to your hallway, transforming it from a path to a room in itself. If you consider yourself crafty, create your own unique wall hooks.
  • Make it yours. From gallery walls that showcase your family’s most precious moments or a collection of interesting artwork from around the world, there’s no rule that bans personal decor from a hallway. Don’t waste the precious wall space – make it yours and fill it with pieces that make your house feel like a home.
  • Invest in the right flooring. Hallways are high traffic areas, so it’s important to choose flooring that will withstand that traffic and be easy to clean when the time comes. Dark flooring shows dirt and dust more easily than warmer tones. Warm-colored tile flooring is one of the easiest to maintain. It’s easy to clean and can conceal minor spotting. Hardwood is another option that can lessen the appearance of dirt if the shade is right. Stay away from carpet if you can, as it needs to be cleaned more regularly and can wear easily because of the foot traffic. If you have your heart set on a darker shade, use a decorative runner to help lessen the buildup of dirt, as well as the amount of times you have to break out the steamer!
  • Work in light. Natural light opens up a hallway space, making it feel larger and more welcoming. Unfortunately, hallways with natural lighting are few and far between. If you’re home is like the millions of others without a naturally lit hallway, play with a variety of lighting to illuminate the space. A ceiling light is imperative in any hallway, whether it’s an entryway by the front door or a hallway that leads to bedrooms. Use a chandelier in your entryway as a focal point for all who enter. Accent with scones or table lamps to add light as needed.

Stop ignoring your hallways! Contact me today to discuss how we can transform the look and feel of your home’s hallway.

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