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When you’re decorating a home,  sometimes you need to step out of your comfort zone to achieve incredible results. These color trends can wake your home design up and help you create the living space of your dreams. Discover what the hottest shades are this season and how you can utilize them throughout your interior design.

Black & White: Black and white are considered the neutrals that work together to add a level of sophistication to a space. You may think that these colors are bland and lack a sense of personality, but pairing black and white with pops of color throughout your interior decor is always on trend.

  • White hues of cream, ivory, and bone are immensely popular. Incorporate these colors into your entryway or living room for a vibrant and inviting look. When paired with pops of yellow, as seen in the photo above, this color scheme injects life into any space! If yellow is too bright for your taste, work in vibrant shades of blue to evoke a sense of elation. This scheme works best in common areas of your home, like the kitchen or dining room. For the bedroom or bathroom, use those pale shades of cream with soft blues to create a relaxing and restful place.
  • Black is the yin to white’s yang in design, but many homeowners are afraid of utilizing it in their home decor. It is a bold color that can look intimidating when overdone, but when it’s used right, it looks stunning. Instead of plastering your walls with black paint, install black cabinetry, or hang decorative curtains in a black and white pattern to exude a look of luxury. In living rooms, dining rooms, dens, and basements, black furnishings are easily warmed up with wood accessories and earth tones. If you’re not comfortable using that much black in your interior decor, it works wonders in accent pieces of artwork, lamps, and throw pillows.

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Gravitate Towards Gray:  Using gray as a neutral continues to be a popular design choice, as it works great on the walls of a variety of rooms. A monochromatic color scheme can create an elegant and peaceful space when executed correctly. To avoid completely graying out a room, include carefully placed pops of color through accessories to create a harmonic space that bursts with life.

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Bring In Blue:  While neutrals have taken the reigns this year, we certainly haven’t forgotten about color! Blue is the top trending accent color ]. Use subtle hints of blue to add depth to  beige living spaces, bathrooms, or bedrooms. Blue can open up a room to make it feel more inviting and has the power to transform the smallest of spaces.. Similarly, incorporating blue into an entryway with any of the white shades mentioned can create an welcoming entryway to greet visitors.

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Go Bold:  Summery shades of red, orange, green and yellow are also on trend this season. Using these bright, bold shades can really amplify the look and feel of a space. Choose one of these hues for an accent wall in a living or dining room to add a sense of warmth to the space while also injecting your own personal style. Whether you’re looking to create a dramatic statement in a room or just want an elegant explosion of color, these vibrant shades will do the trick.

When you step out of your comfort zone in the design world, amazing things can happen! Go bold with any of these trending styles.

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