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In the world of home design, some design elements can withstand the test of time, while others quickly fade into the mist. One of the biggest trends we’ve seen in the design world throughout 2016 is the idea of using white, light, and bright elements to breathe life into even the most boring of spaces. This simply beautiful style has become all the rage in decorating magazines, blogs, and Pinterest boards the world over.

Why it works: Utilizing the light and bright trend helps create a clean and calm feeling that is minimalistic without sacrificing modernity. Discover how you can welcome this trend and revitalize any space in your home.

  • White. Contrary to popular belief, a striking bright white interior can appear warm and inviting as opposed to stark and sterile. As you may have already assumed, white is the star of the show within the trend of light and bright home design. Of course, other neutral colors work well within this scheme, including gray, beige, and tan. Using these hues gives you a blank canvas to work with when it comes to accessorizing. To avoid creating a clinical look, use small pops of color in wall imagery or floral arrangements. If you’re going to a monochromatic color scheme, use different textures to balance the look. Pair linen furnishings with crochet accent pieces, like pillows or throw blankets. Use a textured rug in a similar shade to tie the look together.
  • Light. While dark cabinetry will always remain a classic look, white or off-white cabinetry is what’s currently trending in home design. Similarly, pale grays have been used to create a light and airy atmosphere in living areas and bedrooms. In kitchens, it’s easy to create a light, open-air feel. Simply pair light granite countertops with white or off-white cabinets. In bedrooms, use light carpeting and any of those delicate, neutral wall colors mentioned above to create an airy atmosphere. In addition to your wall color, consider the materials your furnishings are made up of. Lucite chairs, accent tables, and accessories can help prevent the space from feeling weighed down by furniture. These clear furnishings create an unobstructed view of the entire area, helping it to appear less cramped while still providing any necessary seating or table space. If you’re a fan of wood furniture, opt for lighter finishes, like a weathered oak or driftwood. They don’t appear as bulky or heavy to the eye as darker finishes do, helping to add to the delicate atmosphere you’re trying to create.
  • Bright. In modern home design, open floor plans are a highly sought-after layout. Light flows better through an open floor plan, whether it’s natural or artificial. Because artificial light comes in a variety of hues and intensities, it’s easy to replicate natural light in rooms that might not have as many windows or doors letting that natural light in. If your existing layout doesn’t leave you the option to create an open floor plan, create the illusion of one with mirrors, Lucite furnishings, and vibrant lighting.

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