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As human beings, we have an intrinsic connection to nature. Instead of limiting themselves to a few flower arrangements or random shell collections, homeowners are letting nature-inspired decor rule the roost! Decor inspired by nature can be used throughout your home in furniture, fabrics, and accessories. Discover how you can achieve a trendy, organic look with natural home decor.

  • Furnishings. When you think natural, think any renewable resource harvested from the Earth. In a society where we’re perpetually aware of the quality of the products that we use, many consumers have started investing in natural furnishings. materials like wood, cork and granite create a much more durable solution than synthetic materials. This year, we saw reclaimed wood become all the rage in home design. These rustic woods with rough, open-grained finishes are full of character and help to tell a story. A large natural stone or upcycled tree stump makes for a unique end table in living spaces. Embrace the stunning sustainable furnishings nature has to offer – you’ll love their ability to withstand the test of time!
  • Accessories. Stone, lava rocks, and various types of seashells serve as stunning natural accessories for any space. Create a focal point in your den or living room with a natural stone fireplace, or use wood planking to establish an accent wall in a bedroom or office. Opt for woven blinds instead of traditional shades to capture the essence of nature. Decorative branches arranged in a vase make for a stunning dining room centerpiece. If you’re having a hard time finding the right natural accessories or can’t get on board with the idea of using a bouquet of branches as decor, consider using throw rugs or pillows that feature a natural motif. You can still bring nature into your home decor through flora and fauna prints. Frame a stunning watercolor of a natural landscape or purchase throw pillows sprinkled with flower petals. In addition, faux bois (French for “false wood”) fabric is very versatile and useful for upholstering or creating accent pillows and more.
  • Color. To achieve a polished, natural look, think of all of the neutral colors present in nature. White and ivory are crisp, clean colors that make choosing furniture and accessories a simple task. These light and airy hues draw the mind to thoughts of fresh air and sunshine. To bring pops of color into your design, use vivid hues in your accessories. Natural rocks and stones, like agate, make for stunning visuals on a mantle or coffee table. Pull bright hues found in flower petals and bird feathers and find accessories that feature those colors. They’ll pop against neutral tones like ivory, brown, and white on your ceilings and walls.

Embracing nature through your home decor is a great way to keep your home timelessly styled. Find the natural home decor that best suits your personal style and needs. For more help with decorating with nature, contact me today!

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