The Swivel Turns Heads At High Point


Who knew the trend that Thomas Jefferson would create when he added casters on the bottom of a Windsor chair in 1776? While drafting the Declaration of Independence, Jefferson created what has become one of the most popular chairs with consumers-the now famous Swivel.  Sales continue to grow across several markets as swivels are not just for business and public spaces, but are now strongly selling as gliders in nurseries and children’s rooms, as comfort chairs in general living spaces and even with ottomans.

Everyone loves the comfort of a swivel chair, but a surprising dilemma that many customers have is: to swivel or to glide? Many retailers now offer both options to their customers as well as ottoman options for the utmost reclining comfort.  The swivel aspect is often hidden under sleek tailoring and contemporary exposed wooden legs.  It is the best of both sleek design and true relaxed comfort.  In smaller spaces, the swivel chair can be incredibly useful as it can be easily maneuvered to share both TV areas and living spaces with a quick twist.  Smaller scale swivels can also be used side by side to allow for intimate conversational settings that could be used in a great room or family room.

Whether your room is Traditional or Contemporary in design, there is a swivel waiting for you!

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